Cottage Candle Warmer Lantern | Black

  • $38.95

The Cottage Lantern combines a lantern shape with filigree-cut pattern in the black matte metal. It has an open back to allow easy-access for your candles. The top-down warming technology provides the look and fragrance of a lit candle without the flame, soot and smoke. A large pool of melted wax at the top of the candle releases a cleaner, stronger fragrance that lasts up to twice as long compared to burning a candle. Accommodates most jar candles 15 ounces or smaller. The opening in the back is 4.25"x4.25". A variety of styles are available, making them a choice accessory for any room. We recommend lamps and lanterns for melting larger candles. Bottom up warmers are not effective at warming larger candles quickly.

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